About Mr Asad Firdosy

In the times of modernization, it’s a tough task to retain traditions and originality in design in a market crowded with material from all over the world; yet survive.

After graduating in architecture in 1992 I joined my ancestral business of furniture making as a junior architect. With dreams of modern designs it took years to understand the behavorial patterns of the most commonly used material Teak Wood.

As I grew up surrounded by wood and traditional styles of furniture making, I could dream of “The Revival” of the legacy of teak furniture crafted with hand by some of the most skilled craftsman of central India. My designs have revived the legacy of teak and are a reflection of my inherent talent, originality of thought and creativity retaining traditional ancestral values.

I strongly believes that the furniture should speak of its quality and purity of its style. Styles like ‘Art Deco’ & ‘Art Nouveau’ are still very close to my heart and there is always a reflection of these styles in my work.

A meticulous approach to the detailing has always helped me in sculpting these furniture pieces from the best quality Indian Teak.

Now, as the head of Firdos Furnishers, I wish to develop a progressive vernacular modernism by pairing uncompromising traditional constructional techniques with the abstraction of everyday industrial and natural form. He has had an opportunity to exhibit his works at various exhibitions in Delhi, Mumbai & Frankfurt in Germany. Some of his designs and furniture pieces have also been featured in Miami for their design & finish. Asad’s work has been featured in many media locally & internationally wining great reviews.

Living and working in a small town of Nagpur with limited market has never stopped Asad from thinking out of the box and develop new vocabulary in furniture designing, he always says “with my new designs. I want people to feel excited, curious, anxious and not just nostalgic”