The pursuit of timeless design

Asad Firdosy is fixated on quality. Or as he puts it less mildly "I've always been obsessed with perfection"

The Limitation of worlds is that they are a poor substitute for experience and Asad Firdosy's obsession with the quality of an object he designs. This is not accidental, its a critical part of his process. "As a product designer, I felt I had the duty to make my designs because I didnt want them to remain sketches in a sketchbook," he explains. "I need to see them physically. I need to live with them. I need to try them out and see where they take me". his Nagpur studio not only houses his design business and residence, but also serves as a kind of proving ground for his work - examples of which can be found i nearly every space over its 4 floors.

The result of his creative process are objects that he hopes "will survive time".

He asks himself " Can an object become more beautiful beautiful as it ages?". He answers "If so, it needs to have an intresting life in how it changes". Yet despite the patina of age, timelesness also requires always appearing contemporary. Ultimately design for him is never a formula, but rather an ongoing quest.